Professional neibourghs

Place for professional contacts and finding the right contacts.

Perfect location

Kazimierz – the center of Krakow with good transport infrastructure.

Good Internet

Internet connection by two Internet Service Providers for 100% uptime.


Flipchart boards and markers, printer, scanner, postoffice box.


Meeting room for business communication, telephone calls and skype calls.


Spacious kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine and all necessary kitchenware.


Ergonomic furniture, the right lighting and ventilation, shower, parking for bicycles.


You do not have to worry about looking for office equipment, furniture, everything we have done for you.


Our staff talking on English, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian.

Top Team

Comfortable openspace

Openspace very easily transformed to suit your needs because our space is ready to turn into a set of jobs in a large space for co-creation or master classes.

Сustomer Support

Conference room

Сonference room has everything you need for any events, such as: 4K UltraHD TV, flip chart, 20 comfortable chairs. But Optional transformed under requirements.


Meeting room

A small room, which is very convenient for business talks or small meetings of up to 6 people.


Modern high quality equipment from manufacturers.

The location in the center of Krakow with good transport connections.
Communications with other people gives you the power to open your mind.
We care about the safety of personal things as well as information.

  • Guest
  • 30 pln
    for day
  • Workspace
  • Internet
  • Tea/coffee
  • Details
  • Resident
  • 470 pln
    for month
  • Workspace
  • Internet
  • Tea/coffee
  • Printer/scanner
  • Details

* All prices included VAT 23%

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